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Since studying Fine Art at Ravensbourne, Sebastian Ward Turner has had much success both in the UK and internationally. He has collectors of his work and paintings in homes all over the world. 

He exhibits frequently in London and Wiltshire,  consisting of work that encompasses traditional landscapes to vivid and bright contemporary portraits and figures.

A few words from the artist

I have had an interest in drawing and painting since I was a child, when my Grandfather, who taught Scenic Design would visit us and spend a summer’s afternoon sitting in the garden with me, observing and drawing what was around us. Throughout school, my passion for art didn’t fade nor did my fascination in the ever changing colours in the sky and the clouds. The sky in particular mesmerises me and it’s something I love to paint to this day. 


Over the last twenty years, I have experimented with many different subject matters including Portraiture, the Human Form and Still Life but my true passion lies with Landscapes and Seascapes. 

Elements, which play a major part in the process of my paintings are nostalgia, spirituality, atmosphere and romance. These are symbolised through the use of light and the way it falls on the land or water. It is with these elements that I strive to evoke feelings of calm, peace, serenity and occasionally drama in the viewer. 


I would describe my paintings as ‘Modern Impressionism’ and I have been inspired, not only by places I have visited and photographed but also by my imagination and by the works of many artists, namely Claude Monet, Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot, J.M.W Turner and many other great Impressionists. My aim, however is to develop a unique and personal style which will ultimately be recognised as my signature work. 


Thank you for looking at my website.


Sebastian Ward Turner.

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